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The Un-Resolution way to make Meaningful Changes

It's the day after New Year's Day, or, as I'm going to be thinking of it "Un-New-Year's-Day."
That's kind of like an Un-Birthday for those who know how Mad Hatters and March Hares operate.  There's a heck of a lot more Un-New-Year's-Days than there are New Year's Days but somehow we feel obliged to fit all our celebration and renewal into one solitary day.  Maybe you have to be mad to see the abundance of other days on which you could be evolving.  If so I'm quite possibly completely bonkers.  Just bonkers enough to think maybe you'd like to join me on this journey... 

Change is an ongoing process, and resolutions made because of an arbitrary date are, in my opinion, more of a psychological "out" and a way to make ourselves feel like we are addressing change rather than fuel for real, substantial evolution. Change is a constant process and should be embraced each day.   Just like an Un-Birthday you can have your Un-New-Year's-Day anytime.
If you only resolve once per year to get "better" that is perhaps only a few dozen changes you may make in your life, only some of which will actually stick. If you approach change (and really change is growth) as a daily pursuit not only are your changes more likely to stick but the progress that can be made is virtually infinite. The very practice of embracing challenges and new thinking each day prepares you to be successful at it each time you make a change in the future. You can be fluid instead of stagnant, a master changer, and greeting your full potential openly. 

If enlightenment is possible in a single lifetime then that is a big, but achievable mountain to climb.  Just think of the constant path you'll need to get there.  You certainly won't ever arrive at the summit by putting the climb off until tomorrow.

Come to your life with beginner's mind each day. Pick a corner and start nibbling away at the big things you want. Instead of making a resolution say "I'll just do this new thing for today."

Allowing yourself to experiment and practice a new behavior once or twice may make it less scary than resolving and "failing". Then the next time you just do it for a day it feels fulfilling instead of guilty and is associated in your mind with success instead of failure. 

You can find the things that nourish you by experimenting and experimenting again, gradually incorporating the things that work and eliminating the things that don't. 

Go completely mad with me. Let's be crazy!  Live in the now and let's Un-Resolve together.  Don't wait another whole year to embrace your desires.  After all it's Un-New-Year's-Day today and for the next 364 days.  That means it's time to celebrate some change, and you might as well celebrate it because some is on the way.  Love your now, but be ready to be better.

Now is all you have. Be Present Now.

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