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10 Ways to Avoid Skin Damage by Choosing Natural Products - a natural beauty article for

Julie Longyear guest expert contributor to Young and Raw healthy wellness lifestyle website

I've been fortunate enough to be added as a contributor to Young and Raw, a raw food based diet and lifestyle site.  In my skincare article for them I highlight some of my journey with natural beauty and offer ways that you can begin your own transition.  Your skin will thank you as you detox from the synthetic compounds and hormone disruptors found in many conventional products.  The healing power of plants really can't be surpassed.

"Unfortunately what I didn’t know and many people still don’t know is that mass produced skincare is actually ruining their skin and compromising their health due to the contaminated, hormone altering, and untested ingredients it contains. You may have heard that as your largest organ your skin absorbs products that are put on it. While the percentage is debatable and depends on the substance this is indeed true.  This makes it that much more amazing and rather alarming that cosmetics ingredients are not tested for safety or regulated by the FDA. Furthermore the actual priority of many manufacturers has nothing to do with safety or efficacy and a lot more to do with marketability and profit margins, cute packaging, and shelf stability instead of healthy results for customers."

For the 3 ways synthetic skincare is harming your skin and 10 of the best tips for shopping for clean, beneficial skincare see the article on Young and Raw.

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