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Hello, Friend. 
If you like to color outside the lines a little, talk about smart stuff, and figure out the whys and wherefores of the world you've found a kindred spirit.  If you spend most of your time looking for what is REAL in life, see past the games and charades and grab hold of some soul you should come sit here.  If you want to dig so deep into natural knowledge that herbs are your breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks then, Sweetness, have we got to talk!

I spend most of my time researching, testing, figuring out, and living in the stratosphere of creativity.  The world is my lab whether we're talking about relationships with people, spirituality, my garden, or my skincare and apothecary products.  I seek the truth - the whole elephant.  Whatever we're talking about I can't talk anything but straight - for better or for worse. (this gets me in trouble sometimes as you can imagine)

Kindness is my mantra and love my guide.  I am busy grasping ideas of Real Beauty - substance, spirit, health, positivity, and patience.  I cannot abide dogma and have always felt possessed to live a life that is entirely my own - just ask my parents.

Words and ideas are my playthings here and you are my friends.  Come sit for a while and learn about my world.

I am an herbal afficionado and Natural Beauty Expert with 10+ years of experience in Aromatherapy and holistic living.  I broke out of the white bread suburban paradigm at 15 and have incorporated holistic living practices into my life ever since.  If you've got burning questions about naturals then ask away because that's my area of expertise, my raison d'etre, my daily dharma. 

Email me at julie.irie (at) gmail.com to:
Consult the Herbal Chemist about your natural beauty needs,
Set up a press interview,
Or just send some love.

Let's vibe - talk to me today.

3 Comments So Far:

Sarita said...

Julie, you sound AWESOME! I hope we meet one day or at least get to chat. xoxo

leyla said...

Why did you stop writing your blog?

Julie Longyear said...

Hi Leyla, The last few years got quite hectic with running our new store in St. Louis as well as continuing to expand our product range. To economize I have switched to mainly writing for our home site blog on Blissoma.com and we are building up a great number of posts there now! It's a little less about me but the research is still thorough. I love writing but just could not keep up with having two blogs to maintain. I hope folks will come read the great content we are posting there: https://www.blissoma.com/blog.asp

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