Blissoma Skincare and Apothecary

I am the founder of Blissoma - one of the most progressive, natural, and effective skincare and apothecary lines available.  Visit our website to learn about my work.

We create a full spa quality natural facial care range that is acclaimed for its purity and performance.  We also make a full range of aromatherapy soy candles, apothecary and body products.

Natural estheticians and green beauty gurus alike all glow over our formulations.  We are known for giving our clients healthy, radiant skin in days or even just hours.  While not every product is perfect for every person (and plants are powerful stuff, so finding the right match is important) we offer a range of options with varied recipes so you can choose what fits your needs and sensitivities.  Every product is naturally preserved to keep you toxin-free and we label clearly so you can truly understand the botanicals you are using.  Blissoma respects and feeds your inner beauty as well as understanding your skin from a science-based perspective.  We go beyond trend to bring the best of nature to you as dynamic, holistic skincare you'll love for life.

Blissoma skincare is Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free.  All products use a majority of unrefined, Certified Organic botanical ingredients and are handmade in our herbal studio in St. Louis, MO.  We are totally free from gluten, nuts, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and artificial preservatives.  Our recipes are original to our company and produced by no one else, making us a standout in a beauty industry filled with co-packed products, copycats, and flat out fakers.

I know my naturals, which is why I had to create my own line.  I believe it's just that important for people to experience the real healing power of plants, and few other companies were providing the real deal.  It's equally important for you to clear toxic chemicals out of your daily routines.  We're here to help you accomplish both of these things.  Even if you choose to use another brand of skin and bodycare we want you to understand what you're using and feel better about all of it.  

Blissoma has been positively reviewed and endorsed by 30+ notable natural blogs and media outlets.  Our friends and fans are as follows: 

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