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12 Questionable (and possibly toxic) beauty trends from the late 90’s and early 00’s. Were you a victim to these untimely blunders?

12 Questionable (and possibly toxic) beauty trends of the 90's and 00's.  Teenage beauty mistakes, teenage beauty blunders.

Let’s be honest - teenagers aren't always the most savvy shoppers, they over enthusiastically respond to pretty models, celebrity endorsements, slick packaging and empty promises. Feeling nostalgic, I was inspired to create one of my own lists to reminisce about the chemical-laden beauty products of my underinformed youth. 

The transition to adulthood is frought with experiments with our appearance that make our tender inexperience even more glaring. You actually can be any age to enjoy this - we are all victims of past era's beauty mishaps. But I have a feeling if you are roughly between the ages of 25-32, this list may hit pretty close to home. Here are 12 questionable beauty trends from my pre-teen and teenage years when social media wasn't really a thing yet (thank God!) and if you needed to reach me, you could call me on my Nokia cell phone. Don’t forget the bonus at the end of the list!
  1. Sun In: Those orange streaks looked super real…

  2. John Frieda Blonde Shampoos: Because it would make your hair blonder right? But which type of blonde? Platinum or honey…Let’s spend at least 15 minutes in the aisle debating this! 

  3. White eyeliner and/or eye shadow: How was this even a trend? Was it a real trend or just my friends and I? 

  4. Concealer on lips: THIS was the sexiest, coolest thing ever. Lips that were flesh toned. If you really knew what you were doing you added a frosted lip gloss over it. 

  5. Using any drugstore as the go to source for a skin and makeup routine. 

  6. Caking on foundation and powder: Not using any blush or bronzer to contour my face. Nope. Ghostly cakey skin was totally cool as long as you couldn't see any pimples. 

  7. Discovering bronzer: Annnd now I’m an oompa loompa!

  8. Coloring hair with Kool-aid packets: I preferred to use the red packets to give me that natural strawberry blonde look.

  9. Over using hair spray on bangs and messy buns: Pulling out two skinny strands of hair to frame each side of my face and still hairspraying those. Hairspray on everything

  10. Layering a collection of lotions and/or sprays from Bath and Body Works and LOVING the overpowering, synthetic fragrance lingering from them.   You know it's enough once you smell like a synergy of mango-strawberry-melon-sweetpea-sugar, and not one drop less.

  11. Clinique Happy, Curve and CK1…became sophisticated and a step up from Bath and Body Work’s sprays and glitter lotions that pre-teens enjoyed.  How tastes do change...

  12. Cover Girl Products: All the gorgeousness that babysitting money can afford. 

Bonus…For the boys! Don’t think I forgot about you. You know what’s coming don’t you? FROSTED TIPS.

Who would have thought the boys from middle school actually created reverse ombre? Wise beyond their years I guess?

I couldn't be happier to say that these days my beauty routines stick to natural makeup and haircare.  The hormone disruptors, aerosol propellants, synthetic colors and more can take a hike.  Who needs 'em?  Now I let the real, toxin-free me shine through, due of course to the wisdom I've gained over time.

See you another time, perhaps with more memories you wish you could forget!

Lauren Merten - Blissoma Staff Esthetician

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