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Blissoma studio tour with Eco Emi - how we make natural skincare

Welcome to the Blissoma studio! 

I've been looking forward to sharing this video for months since we shot it and it's finally edited and ready to go. Christine from Eco Emi was kind enough to spend a day chatting with me about everything we do here. (which is a LOT of stuff with dozens of products to keep made!)

My work and home is a 110+ year old historic building that was in dire need of repair help when I purchased it.  I finally got renovations done to the point that not only could the team work, but I felt ready to show it to everyone after 6 long years of effort renovating, refinishing, and organizing. It has a really warm, kitchen type feel as it really is more of a creative environment built for people rather than a lab setting. You'll see Frank making part of our Smooth recipe, hear a little about the philosophy of our line, what products are top sellers, and see our garden.

We really want you to feel up close and personal about trusting the botanicals in our products.  You can see the dried herbs, the extracts and all the ingredients on our 10' tall reclaimed shelves (packed with bottles, oils, and everything we need) - we really do make everything ourselves.  Spend a few minutes with us and see what it's all about...

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