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Easing In... A short summer report

I'm betting many of us still don't believe that summer is really ending.
I think about the first days back at school when
I was in the elementary grades... One of those time-honored traditions was to write your first essay of the year on what you did during the summer. It made an easy transition for teachers and students alike.

I'm going to continue that tradition with a few photos taken during my summer. It was by no means a summer of vacations. But it had a few memorable moments.
Here in the Midwest one of the biggest things that happened to our entire region was a massive amount of rain that fell during the early summer months, causing flooding all up and down the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. My house is exactly 2 minutes from the Mississippi riverfront in St. Louis - I can practically see it from our house. The McKinley bridge was revamped and reopened just this last year. One of the nicest additions to the bridge was the conversion of an old train trestle to a pedestrian and bicycle trail.

One evening we decide
d to have some free, easy fun and walk across the river. These are the quick pictures I snapped from our phone. It was a gorgeous sunset and
we had the entire bridge to ourselves.

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