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Our Little Helpers

No, we don't have elves that help us here.
But I thought you might enjoy seeing some pics of the folks that help make the products you get to enjoy at home. I've picked up one new helper this summer. She loves to organize, count things, sing and dance.

Yup, that's my now 4 year old, Tru. So I guess we can't say we don't use child labor. Cause she's been in the studio a lot lately. Today she helped our part-time production assistant Kim organize Energize tin candles.

She is also the only studio helper that comes to work with no pants on. Today the outfit was tights and dress-up shoes with stripey green shirt. She loves her tights. 

The order of the day for Frank, our Production Manager, was Stress Serum packaging. Meet the man who makes just about everything except our soap and perfume (my jobs ). And he does darn good for us, braving sleet, snow, rain and blazing heat to make it to our studio every day using only public transit. Believe me, in St. Louis this is not a small feat.

That is our summer Monday at Blissoma. Hope you are nice and cool wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you working with your children around you. I think it's so good for children to see for themselves what their parents do for a living. It makes them industrious from an early age. Good on ya!

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